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CCR Group has core competencies in the following areas:


Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Analysis. CCR Group develops sophisticated technical tools to assess the

costs and benefits of technologies, policies and measures that reduce greenhouse emissions in the power supply and transport sectors. In the past, CCR Group has contributed to technical studies assessing the greenhouse gas reduction potentials and per-ton cost/savings for mitigation and sequestration options in 11 US states (Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington). 

Regional climate modeling. CCR Group works in close collaboration with the National Center for Atmospheric Research to explore the ways in which climate change will unfold at the regional level. Projects have been undertaken in sub-saharan Africa and the Middle East using the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) to downscale outputs from the CCSM4 General Circulation Model.

Vulnerability & Adaptation to Climate Change. CCR Group evaluates the vulnerability of key sectors to climate change, placing a special emphasis on water resources, coastal zones, public health and agriculture.  Vulnerability assessment identify the underlying environmental factors that increase human vulnerability to exreme climate related events. Based on vulnerability assessments, CCR Group develops adaptation strategies, finding synergies between adaptation, mitigation and broader development goals. This approach is then integrated into national policy making and stakeholder dialogues. 


Climate Policy Frameworks. CCR Group assists government and international organizations in scoping out climate change policies and strategies.  In the past CCR Group has worked with the African Development Bank as well as the national governments to mainstream climate change adaptation and mitigation frameworks into organizational operations, stakeholder discussions and national policy.


Capacity Strengthening. CCR Group helps national teams build their technical capacity to assess climate risks and to align development programs with climate change mitigation and adaptation goals.   We have designed and implemented capacity strengthening programs with teams in Africa (Sudan), the Middle East (Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey, UAE), Eastern Europe (Albania), Asia (China) and the Americas (Mexico). 


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