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The Climate Change Research Group (CCR Group) is a sustainable development research and

consultancy firm focused on the intersection of energy, climate and development.  


Our network of specialists works with international development organizations, national and local governments, as well as non-governmental institutions to formulate policy frameworks, technical assessments and capacity building programs.


Since CCR Group's founding in 2009, we have lead projects across Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas. Because each client faces a unique set of challenges based on local context, we have experience developing strategies for multiple issues areas within sustainable development. Thematic issue areas and services include: 


  • Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

  • Greenhouse Mitigation Analysis

  • Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management   

  • Climate Change, Agriculture & Food Security

  • Climate Change & Water Security

  • Climate Change & Public Health

  • Power Supply & Renewable Integration Modeling

  • Air Pollutant & Greenhouse Gas Emission Scenarios Modeling 

  • Capacity Strengthening Programs

  • Local environmental services through ecosystem ponds

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