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Sea Level Rise & Climate Change 

United Arab Emirates/Arabian Peninsula

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Case studies

There are many examples of action at the local national, and regional level to proactively adapt to sea level rise from climate change. In addition to the case studies provided in the Sea Level Rise Primer itself, links to the write-ups of some notable examples that may be useful to consider in the context of the UAE and Arabian Peninsula region are provided below:

Sea level rise adaptation planning, the Case of OECD countries: The outputs of a Workshop to outline a conceptual framework to estimate the benefits of climate change policies, and to help organize information on sea level rise for policy makers.

Sea level rise adaptation examples, the Case of vulnerable regions in the USA: A total of 24 case studies focused on natural resources, wildlife cultural resources, and infrastructure.

Coping with sea level rise, the Case of Trinidad and Tobago. A quantitative assessment of impacts and review of adaptation options to reduce damage from storm surge and sea level rise in vulnerable islands.

Increasing flooding hazard in coastal communities due to rising sea level: Case study of Miami Beach, Florida: Peer-reviewed article that argues regional sea level rise projections should be used instead of the commonly used global SLR projections.

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