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Food Security & Climate Change

United Arab Emirates

Food Security & Climate Change Inspector Toolkit - SIMPLE version

The SIMPLE version provides access to each of the key output databases (assumptions and analytical results). After downloading the desired database, the user can then use any spreadsheet software to open the database and navigate as usual in spreadsheets, creating charts and graphs. Two major types of outputs are available as briefly explained below. The outputs were developed using the 64-bit version of Excel.

Note: All spreadsheets are in "protected" mode. Simply unprotect individual worksheets to copy-paste and do other functions (there is no password).

ASSUMPTIONS: This database consists of five spreadsheet files and one compressed files that contains all five spreadsheets. The files contain outputs from IFPRI's IMPACT model, which served as inputs for the macro portion of the analysis. These databases also contain all assumptions regarding UAE's food import, household food spending, and economic characteristics. Click on "All Assumptions (ZIP)" at right to download all databases (9 Mb), or select individual spreadsheets.

ANALYSIS: This database consists of two spreadsheet files and one compressed file that contains both spreadsheets. The files contain the results of the food security under climate change assessment at the macro level (i.e., constraints on future food imports to the UAE) and micro level (vulnerability of UAE households to food price increases under climate change). Click on "All Analyses (ZIP)" at right to download all databases (5 Mb), or select individual spreadsheets.

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