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Coastal Vulnerability Index & Climate Change

United Arab Emirates

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About the Coastal Vulnerability Index & Climate Change Inspector

The "Coastal Coastal Vulnerability Index & Climate Change" study is one of twelve studies within AGEDI's "Local, National, and Regional Climate Change (LNRCC) Programme.

The study developed a framework to assess the vulnerability of the UAE's coastal environment (both natural and built) to climate change. A research team led by Gregg Verutes, affiliated with the Natural Capital Project at Stanford University, carried out the study. ​ 


The main objective of this Inspector is to offer comprehensive online access to the outputs of the study, including all maps & vulnerability indices produced as well as all output databases developed in order to help stakeholders and researchers alike to explore the results of the assessment in detail. 

For a discussion of the underlying methodology,  data sources, and key assumptions, please see the "Review Background" page of the main Coastal Vulnerability Index & Climate Change page. 

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