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Coastal Vulnerability Index & Climate Change

United Arab Emirates

Review background & final reports - About the research team

The research team consists of experts in methods and tools for coastal vulnerability index development at both national and sub-national scales. The structure of the team consists of a Principal Investigator (PI) and Research Analysts. An overview of individual members of the project team is provided in the bullets below.


  • Gregg Verutes. Gregg is serving as PI. Gregg is affiliated with the Natural Capital Project at Stanford University. His areas of expertise encompass spatial analysis for environmental planning and conservation, geographic information system applications, data visualization, and design technology development. He is the primary architect for the marine InVEST suite of decision-support tools and has assisted governments in the development of national CVIs.

  • Melissa Rosa. Melissa specializes in the use of GIS and remote sensing technology for natural resource management and conservation planning. Her areas of expertise include landscape ecology, advanced spatial data processing and analysis, sustainable land use, and environmental change monitoring. She has led scientific research design and implementation for climate change, conservation, and sustainable development initiatives at various non-profit, public, and private organizations.


  • Lauretta Burke. Lauretta is a Senior Associate in the Water Program of the World Resources Institute (WRI), and works closely with the Climate Resilience Practice. She has led WRI’s coastal ecosystem work since 2001, which focuses on producing high-quality analyses and tools to improve management and foster resilience in coastal ecosystems. She is currently focusing on the benefits from improved wastewater treatment in the Caribbean, the ecosystem services provided by mangroves, and adaptation to climate change and building resilience in coastal and urban areas.

  • Chris Reed. Chris is a freelance cartographer and graphic designer with 15 years of experience in data visualization, GIS, and infographics. He specializes in coastal environments and recreational boating products featuring intuitive user interfaces and cartographic realism. 

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