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Terrestrial Biodiversity & Climate Change

Arabian Peninsula

Review background & final reports - About the research team

  • Matt Fitzpatrick. Matt served as PI of the sub-project. He is an Associate Professor of Global Change and Biodiversity at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Appalachian Laboratory. His main research interest is in the development and application of spatial modeling methods to document patterns of biodiversity and to assess the impacts of climate change on natural systems. He supervised all modeling, analysis, tool development, and reporting.

  • Kavya Pradhan. Kavya is a Masters student in the Marine Estuarine Environmental Science program at the University of Maryland. She is interested in combining spatial modeling and phylogenetic approaches to quantify the vulnerability of species to climate change, with a particular interest in birds.

  • Matthew Lisk. Matt is a spatial analysis and computer programmer with expertise in GIS and the R and python programming languages. Matt holds a Masters degree in Spatial Ecology from Prescott College

The research team consists of three core members with expertise in use of spatial modeling in assessing the vulnerability of species and biodiversity to climate change. An overview of each is provided in the bullets below.

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