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Sea level Rise & Climate Change

United Arab Emirates/Arabian Peninsula

Review background & final reports - About the research team

An international team of experts from several institutions was assembled to undertake the specific research activities associated with the Sea Level Rise Primer. The project team consists of coastal planners, oceanographers and other specialists with proven research records in climate change related sea level rise and the use of climate projections in adaptation planning. The structure of the project team consists of a Coordinating Lead Author together with several contributing authors. An overview of individual members of the project team is provided in the bullets below.


  • Bill Dougherty served at the Coordinating Lead Author for the Sea Level Rise Primer. Bill is the President of the Climate Change Research Group in the US and has been active in research and project development regarding options for adapting to sea level rise.

  • Jose Edson contributed to sea level rise modeling portion of the Primer. Jose is a Posto-doctoral Fellow at the Oceanography Institute of the University of Sao Paulo. He has been active in regional ocean modeling experiments in the Arabian Gulf and South Atlantic.

  • Robert Arthur contributed to the UAE-specific portion of the Primer. Robert is a faculty member at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE where he has been active in local research regarding sea level rise issues.

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