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Water-Energy Nexus under Climate Change

Arabian Peninsula

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Regional Water-Energy Nexus Modeling Toolkit

Modeling representations of the water and energy systems in the Arabian Peninsula have been developed to analyze the costs and benefits of policies to promote climate resilience of water and energy systems in the region. There are two versions of the Water-Energy Nexus Model toolkit, a, "SIMPLE" version and a "WEAP-LEAP" version.

The SIMPLE version provides access to all of the output databases. After downloading the desired database, the user can then use any spreadsheet software to open the database and navigate as usual in spreadsheets, creating charts and graphs, as well as reports from the output databases. Access the SIMPLE version

The WEAP-LEAP version provides access to the water system model developed using WEAP software, as well as the energy system model using LEAP software. Access the WEAP-LEAP version

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