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Water-Energy Nexus under Climate Change

Arabian Peninsula

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About Water-Energy Nexus under Climate Change - Arabian Peninsula

The Regional Water-Energy Nexus study is one of twelve studies within AGEDI's "Local, National, and Regional Climate Change (LNRCC) Programme. The study explored the costs and benefits of a transition by the countries of the region toward climate-resilient development pathways. A research team led by David Yates and Francisco Flores from the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Stockholm Environment Institute, respectively, carried out the study.​

​The main objective of the Inspector is to offer access to the inputs and outputs of the study. Two options are offered: a simple version which consists of a complete set of modeling outputs and a full feature version which consists of the WEAP-developed water system model of the region and the LEAP-developed energy system model for the region.

For a discussion of the underlying methodology, models, data sources, and key assumptions, please see the accompanying technical reports which are accessible from the main Water-Energy Nexus under climate Change (Arabian Peninsula) page.

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