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Review background & final reports - About the research team

Arabian Gulf

Regional Climate Change Modeling

An international team of experts from the Oceanography Institute at the University of Sao Paulo was assembled to undertake the specific research activities associated with this sub-project. The project team consists of oceanographers and marine scientists with proven research records in regional ocean modeling, data analysis and synthesis, and the use of climate projections. The structure of the project team consists of a Principal Investigator (PI) and a Research Team. An overview of individual members of the project team is provided in the bullets below.


  • Principal Investigator: Jose Edson has served as the PI of the Regional Ocean Modeling sub-project. Jose is a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Oceanography Institute and his role has been directing the regional ocean modeling experiments and providing guidance and insight to the Project Scientists on needs and requirements. He was responsible for keeping the project on time and on budget, providing monthly reports, producing the final report, and generating user product datasets.



  • Dr. Ilana Wainer. Ilana is the Director of the Oceanography Institute. She has extensive experience in numerical modeling, regional-scale ocean physics, and data processing and analysis.  Her current research interests span regional-scale ocean modeling and several climate change related applications. She served as the chief techncial advisor.



  • Mr. Bruno Ferraro. Bruno is an graduate student at the Oceanography Institute, where he works closely with Drs Ilana Wainer and Jose Edson on a variety of research topics.

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