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Food Security & Climate Change

United Arab Emirates

Review background & final reports - Webinar recording (audio)

In addition to the above research team, there were a number of contributors who provided invaluable help at the initial stages of the project on the use of the IMPACT model as well as food security issues in the Middle East.


  • Siwa Msangi. Siwa is a Senior Research Fellow in the International Food Policy Research Institute's (IFPRI) Environment and Production Technology Division, and co-leads research on the major socio-economic and bio-physical drivers affecting agricultural production and trade, and their impacts on nutrition, poverty and the environment.


  • Clemens Breisinger. Clemens is an economist and senior research fellow at IFPRI’s Development Strategy and Governance Division, where he leads the Middle East and North Africa team, which provides knowledge, strengthens capacity and aims at influencing policy and investment decisions throughout the Arab World.

  • Holger Hoff. Holger is a scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and a Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) where he undertakes research on a range of sustainable development issues as part of the theme "Managing Environmental Systems".


  • Eckart Woertz. Eckart is a Senior Research Fellow specializing in the Middle East specialist, particularly on the Arabian Gulf region. Formerly, he was the Director of Economic Studies at the Gulf Research Center (GRC) in Dubai and is the author of "Oil for Food" (Oxford University Press 2013) which focuses on food security issues in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

Bill Dougherty


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