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Marine Biodiversity & Climate Change 

Arabian Gulf


Priority fish                                                                                                                   

Priority non-fish                                    

Bullet tuna
Giant trevally
Grey bambooshark
Common dolphinfish
Common silver-biddy
Golden trevally
Common ponyfish
Bluespot mullet
Giant catfish
Black pomfrey
Fourlined terapon
Donkey croaker
Bartail flathead
Indian halibut
Indian mackerel
Haffara seabream
Indian oil sardine
Black streaked monacle bream
Bigeye scad
Great barracuda
Hilsa shad
Flat needle fish

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Twobar seabream
Yellowfin seabream
King soldier bream
Spot-tail shark
Whitefin wolf-herring
Orange-spotted grouper
Pink ear emperor
Spangled emperor
John's snapper
Japanese threadfin bream
Tigertooth croaker
Silver pomfret
Javelin grunter
Striped piggy
Narrow barred spanish mackerel
Indo-pacific king mackerel
Yellowstripe scad
Largehead hairtail
Sulphur goatfish
Starry triggerfish
Scissortail sergeant
Streaked spanish mackerel
Green sea turtle
Hawksbill turtle
Spoon seagrass
Needle seagrass
Broadleaf seagrass
Pacific humpback dolphin
Indo-pacific humpback dolphin
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