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Regional Climate Change Modeling


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About the Regional Modeling (Atmosperic) Inspector

The "Regional Modeling (Atmospheric)" study is one of twelve studies within AGEDI's "Local, National, and Regional Climate Change (LNRCC) Programme. The study assessed the impacts on the regional climate in the Arabian Peninsula associated with two Representative Concentration  Pathways  (RCP4.5  and  RCP8.5)

through the late 21st Century. A research team led by David Yates from the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, USA carried out the study. ​ 


The main objective of the Inspector is to offer comprehensive online access to the outputs of the study, including all maps & climatic indices produced as well as all output databases developed in order to help stakeholders and researchers alike to explore the results of the assessment in detail. Several downloadable videos are also included in the Regional Modeling (Atmospheric) Inspector, together with the georeferenced datasets underlying these maps. 

For a discussion of the underlying methodology, models, data sources, and key assumptions, please see the accompanying technical reports which are accessible from the main Regional Modeling (Atmospheric) page.

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